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Sex, Obsession & Murder

Author: Adele Medolla
Genre: Mystery
Reviewed by Kevin R. Tipple

587For forty-five year old Mrs. Lane Stone, former police officer, her latest case as a private investigator cuts way too close to home. It begins when her best friend Allison confides in her that she is being stalked by Wanda Woodson. Among other things, Woodson has stolen her underwear, all of it, and written explicit love letters to Allison. But the Houston Police will do nothing without an actual threat of bodily harm or actual proof that Woodson has taken her underwear. Allison's husband, Mark, has only one concern-to keep the police out of it.  Despite the fact that he does not think much of Lane, or apparently women in general, he thinks that a quiet word from Lane in her role of private investigator will solve the problem. To get Lane to cooperate and do something she most likely would have done out of friendship for Allison anyway, Mark is willing to double her fee.

While Mark does not think much of his beautiful wife or Lane, he is very concerned with maintaining his wealthy image. An image that begins to crack when, within days of involving Lane, Allison is brutally murdered. Devastated by her grief, Lane is shocked to find out that the suspect everyone is looking for, the stalker Wanda Wilson suffering from schizophrenia and erotomanic delusions, claims to be innocent and wants to hire Lane to prove it. Lane agrees despite her misgivings about the stalker, and, along with the occasional assistance from her husband, Charlie, dives into a world of mental illness, sadomasochism and mafia involvement.

This is a very enjoyable read featuring an opinionated private investigator that will appeal more to female than male readers. Occasionally, the writing comes across a bit preachy as action is stopped so that a commentary bordering on sermonizing, often about men and theirs usefulness or lack of same, can be delivered. However, that fault is relatively minor overall and does not overshadow the consistently good plot and character development that leads to a twisting tale of greed and deceit. At 213 pages, this is a fast read and one well worth your consideration.


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